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Added to the Photos section: See pictures and read about our Cruise aboard the Disney Magic, and much more!!

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Being that our name is similar to a commonly used word in the English language. We thought it was necessary to have some fun with our domain name. After much debate and discussion, we came up with

This was a tricky decision. When choosing a domain name you need to be careful. First you must think of all the possibilities that could work. Then its time to go through the list and weed out all options that could be mixed up with sites of a questionable nature (this is always good for a few laughs). Finally you should pull all the ones that are trendy or just way to long to type. If you still can't decide gather a group of friends (feed them, cause they're doing you a favor) and vote. This is the basic process we went through. We hope you find it all somewhat amusing, we do.


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