Day 2

Dec. 2nd

We had the foresight to fill out the "Good Morning" room service card the night before and breakfast was delivered to our door by 8:30. Room Service was the fastest I have ever seen. They called 10 minutes before we had scheduled it and it was at our door a few minutes later. We enjoyed an easy breakfast and snacked as we got ready. At 10 am we went to the DIS meet that Rhonda organized and met a handful of DISers, we hung out for a while and met others as they came up. It was great to be able to put faces to screen names. Thanks again Rhonda. Here is where hubby and I spilt for a while. I went to the spa for a manicure and pedicure and hubby (who just didn't feel like a nail treatment) went to the Disney behind the Scenes series on Trivia. Where he knew enough to win a book (what a guy!). Then we met in the room and attended the Behind the scenes series on the Walt Disney Theater. These Adult programs were great. We missed the Art of Entertaining but Hubby made it to all but one of the Behind the scenes and all of the Navigators series. We got a nice poster for each of those two. After finishing this we had some time to relax before the DVC members reception.

The DVC reception was fun and we got some nice "Member" baseball caps at it. Hubby also got a mousepad by playing the trivia game. We had time to prep our formal wear before the show so we checked to see how well our stuff had traveled. Pretty darn well. We left them hanging outside the closet and went to the show. Morty the Magnificent was the show that night. Cute, but not great. After the show it was back to get all dressed up and have our pictures taken in the atrium. There were several backdrops to choose from which made all the lines a reasonable size. (Someone was thinking). This brought us right to dinner, which was at Lumiere's. Following dinner we changed clothes and went to the Cabaret Show in Rockin Bar-D, which was the first performer from the variety show, the first night. Great show and lots of fun. It was nice to see more of this guy's act. And to finish off the evening, the Midnight (actually 11:30 pm) dessert buffet. By the time we wandered over the line was all the way around Lumiere's, down the hall. But once the doors opened it moved really quickly. We acted like kids in a candy shop and loaded up our plate to take back to the room. Where we sampled this and tasted that. Wow! Someone knows how make a cake.

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