Day 3

Dec. 3rd

We slept in this morning and took our time getting ready, with our first duty of the day being brunch at Palo's. Ymmmm. Our server was Carita from Finland and she was great. As seemed to be the custom at the brunch she took us around the buffet areas and described all the wonderful food. Then told us about our entrée options and gave her suggestions. Then we just began to eat. The food was absolutely wonderful. I found 1 or 2 things from the buffet that weren't my taste but with so many options the good far outweighed the like the 3 pounds I would have sworn I gained at that meal alone. Once we finished eating all the food we could eat, we returned to our room to change clothes. (we changed clothes a lot, it seems) I headed off to a Haircut (which I love, by the way) and Hubby went to the Navigators series with the first officer and engineer. We met in the room and then went to the second in the Navigators series on the décor of the ship, which was really interesting. After the tour we hit the Rainforest Room. Then cleaned up for the show that night which was Hercules. We both enjoyed this show more than Morty. Dinner that night was at Animator's Palate, which was lots of fun. Following dinner we again went to the Cabaret Show this evening the performer was the second performer from the opening night variety show. Another great show.

Me at Palo...Ymmmmm Chihully Another View Towel Animal - night 3

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