Day 4

Dec. 4th

This was our day at St. Maarten. We again used the "Good Morning" room service this morning since we got up early for our morning excursion. We had scheduled the 12-Meter Regatta. It was slightly overcast when we left the ship. Actually we got a the taste of a tropical shower as soon as we got off the boat. Our whole group took shelter under a canopy then met with our guide for the Regatta. He gave us the background and all the basic info we would need as well as assigned our positions for the race. There were three boats in our race. We were on one of the American boats and came in second. It was really interesting to listen to the three pros on our boat (these are the guys telling us how to do our jobs and deciding how we wanted to go) talk and read the water or wind to try to get us into first place. After the race and a little time out enjoying the waters on the boat (hubby got a little time steering the boat) we bought the picture and some t-shirts. We returned to the Magic to change clothes and had lunch at Lumiere's. Then took a water taxi to some shopping in town. After picking up some fun souvenirs we returned to the Ship and went to the Rainforest Room.

This was our night at Palo's. We requested Carita again and she was great guiding us to some entrees that were wonderful and then... Drum roll... The Chocolate Soufflé. Ymmmm. Soo good! And now the evening goes crazy. This was also Tropical Night and since we had been to Hawaii earlier this year, where we made sure to get some tropical wear. So, we definitely wanted to attend. So once again we changed clothes (it really didn't feel like we changed as often as we did, honest). Then went to dinner and swapped stories from the day with our tablemates. We also sampled a couple of things at dinner (aww, come on, how often do you get this kind of food). Following dinner we hit the deck party.

12 - meter regatta our competition in the regatta Welcome to St. Maarten! the Dutch side of St. Maarten view from the water taxi at the Port Towel Animal - night 4

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