Day 5

Dec. 5th

St. Thomas. This was an even earlier morning with everyone on board needing to go through immigration. This process actually went fairly quickly for us. We both had passports. There were Hot Drinks and Danish type breakfast food at Preludes so you could grab some food on your way to get in line. Again, someone was thinking. Our Buck Island Sail and Snorkel tour took off from the end of the port. One of the couples from our table joined us on this tour, which was neat. One of the reasons we chose this tour was that they only take 6 people on each boat. So, you get a nice comfortable one-on-one experience. This tour had 2 crew members - the captain of the boat and our snorkel guide. Now, I woke up this morning feeling lousy. I stilled enjoyed the tour, but didn't think I would make it all day going full steam. So, right from our tour we grabbed a taxi and headed into town. We did our shopping and returned to the ship early. We had room service for lunch and I took a nap. Hubby spent some time in the Internet Café and watched the ship leave port. This was the day we left someone in St. Thomas. Hubby saw the guy running towards the Ship as it was pulling away. This evening the "show" was Who wants to be a Mouseketeer. Hubby was selected to be on the panel - as one of the lifelines. For his participation he got a hard to find Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer - Panelist pin, for all you pin traders out there. We had dinner at Lumiere's and Melwin (our server) was wonderful since I wasn't feeling well and nothing on the menu sounded good. He found me some chicken soup (Mickey pasta and all) which hit the spot. I left before dessert and went to bed. Hubby went to the Cabaret show.

Now I am going to take a second and explain how we think these performers are organized. The opening night variety show has 2 performers who each do a Cabaret show (on Sunday night and Monday night). These performers leave the ship on Tuesday. We were waiting out a short rainstorm with them under a canopy as we left the ship for our excursion on St. Maarten. Then we had two new performers for the Wed. and Thurs cabaret shows and they do the Farewell Variety Show. So our thoughts is that they would stay aboard and do the Welcome Aboard show and the Monday & Tuesday Cabaret shows. This may be a commonly known thing but we thought it was interesting.

Off our balcony pulling into St. Thomas St. Thomas Buck Island Rick taking us back to land

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