Day 6

Dec. 6th

This was a quite day for me. Since it was our last day at sea (I slept really well on the ship), I decided to rest. I wandered down to the Health Clinic that morning and found out I had a fever (which was what I suspected) but it was a little higher than I thought - 101. So, my pillow and I spent the day in bed. Hubby went to the Navigator and behind the scene series that were aboard the ship as well as spending some time in the Rainforest Room and in the Internet café. Although I missed hanging out with him it worked out well that I could crash on our day at sea. We did go to Disney Dreams that evening and then to dinner at Animators palette. This evening both of our tablemates had Palo appointments so we had a dinner to ourselves. They did come and join us for dessert (otherwise known as Tea for those of us who were sick). Again I played the role of stick in the mud and headed for bed. Hubby enjoyed the Cabaret show.

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