Day 7

Dec. 7th

Castaway Cay. I was determined not to miss this island, and all my sleeping had done some good. So, we headed off the Ship. Hubby checked out the snorkel course and I enjoyed some time under the palm trees with a book. Then we headed to the adult beach. This was great. Quiet and peaceful. We walked a bit down the beach and found some lounge chairs under an umbrella and relaxed. Hubby was wonderful and walked up to the bar area to get us lunch, which we ate at our lounge chairs. We headed back to the ship mid afternoon so the "stick in the mud" could take another nap. We skipped the variety show that night and went to the Rainforest room instead. It was only the two of us, which was nice. I enjoyed the aromatherapy room and felt a little better afterwards. Our last dinner on the ship was great and we took some photos with our servers.

We hadn't done any packing at all before dinner and since our dinners seemed to always end around 10 pm we decided to go to the room and pack. Our bags were out in the hallway with minutes to spare and we went to sleep. Although we had such a wonderful week it was hard to accept this was our last night

Pulling into Castaway Cay the Adult Beach Mount Rustmore The Ship @ Castaway Cay Goofy Melwin - Our server Our Table Towel Animal - night 7

Dec. 8th

Since we had the late dinner seating we got to sleep in a bit, before getting ready for our journey home. We had breakfast at Parrot Cay and said our good-byes. Getting off the ship was a breeze, as was finding the luggage. We caught the second shuttle to get our rental car and were at the airport before we knew it.

A few thoughts: It was wonderful. The farthest away from reality I have even been. We had such a hard time coming back to the real world. We are cruising again in Sept. on a 3 day. I will miss the at sea days, but it was the best way to squeeze it into our existing plans.

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