In March of 2001, we headed south to check out Disney's California Adventure. Our trip was brought on by a failed attempt to visit the new park earlier in the year for a preview day. During that visit, we could look in the park and walk through the new hotel but couldn't enter and it motivated us to actually plan a trip for our anniversary. We have family in the area so we have never considered staying with Disney for a DL trip before. But this being our Anniversary, and since we love the WL at WDW, we decided to try Disney's Grand Californian.

Ironically, the day before we flew out, my hubby was laid off. This was unexpected and made the trip that much more special, since it lifted both of our spirits and had been almost completely paid for ahead of time. Also, as a surprise to my hubby, several weeks ahead of time I called the resort and arranged for a surprise to be left in our room for our arrival. Since we had seen some of the park merchandise from our earlier failed trip, I knew we thought the stuffed DCA bears were cool. So, I attempted to arrange for a bear and some cookies to be in our room. I have to say they did a great job, but when making the arrangements I had no idea what was going to be there or how much it was going to cost. I pretty much said this is what I would like, they said they would see what they could do and asked if they could charge my card...glup...Yes. The result was great and the cost was reasonable, so check out the photos to see what they did.

We requested a park view room. And when we walked in it was perfect. The bed was covered with rose petals, robes and slippers were set out, 2 bears were sitting on the bed, and a tray with cookies, and a carafe of milk was on the coffee table. The view out our balcony was of Paradise Pier. From the balcony you could hear the boardwalk music and the sounds of the people on the rides. We ate our cookies and milk from the balcony and soaked up the magic.

Access to DCA from the Grand Californian is great. They have a sperate entrance for GC resort guests and it lets you in pretty close to Soarin' over California, we were the second set of people in line for this ride and had great seats our first time through. WOW! I loved this ride.

From there we wandered though all the different parts of "California", rode the rides and saw the shows. I spotted some ducklings on some rocks by the Wharf and took a few photos while hubby smiled. For lunch we grazed around the park. There are soo many food options we couldn't pick just one, so we split this and shared that. Yummm.

Mid-day we were once again thankful we were staying at the GC. After we got off of Grizzly River Rapids we hopped right up to the room and threw on some dry clothes. The exit of this ride and entrance to the resort are really close to each other... someone was thinking. We wanted to walk around Downtown Disney during the day, so we wandered toward the main entrance to DCA and returned to our exploring in the park. Before we left we took one more trip on Soarin' and then headed to dinner at the PCH Grill in the Paradise Pier Resort.

We had a great trip, although it seemed to fly by, and hope to return in a few years.

Our Room Rafting Bear Cookies and milk for two Mickey? snack on the balcony

ducklings with Mom Paradise Pier California Poppies View from our Balcony

I Spy...Space Mtn. From the Ferris Wheel I Spy...Matterhorn Grand Californian What am I looking at?

Stained Glass doors Lobby Nighttime view from our Balcony Other side of Lobby Us by our door

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