Day One

Monday started with early entry to the Magic Kingdom. Being that the whole family had at one time or another all had annual passes to Disneyland and that we had a former DL cast member in our mist, we didn't spend a lot of time in the MK. Many in our party prefer DL, so we hit the big stuff and things that are different and were on our way to the Studios by midday.

We had Priority Seating ressies at the Brown Derby for the first dinner seating. The food was wonderful. We have quite a mix of diet needs and likes in our group and this waiter helped us with ease and a smile. We were all very pleased with our meal, and the extra mile they went to make it wonderful.

Now, I should let you know we split most parks up, so we would spend a morning in one on one day and an afternoon in that one on a different day. We would try to catch an early entry and then leave around midday and hit another park that didn't have EE that day. So, this was to be just the first trip to the Studios.

With the BD lunch we did the reserved seating at Fantasmic that night. The show is great as usual, and the warm up people always get you involved. After the show we headed back toward the backlot area. Since it was Christmas time they had the Osborne Family Lights on display. WOW! What a sight to see. If you are wondering if you can still get back to that part of the park after Fantasmic, you can. Even though the park is listed as closed, lots is going on back there. Carolers and CMs passing out special glasses is just the beginning of the fun. The glasses look like 3-D glasses, but instead make all the lights look like little Snowflakes (in the past I have heard it was stars). Christmas songs are playing and there is a little "snow" falling from the sky in areas. The Osbornes (a family from the mid-west) had so many lights up every Christmas, they say you could see them from space. They would decorate their house as well as several neighbors. Well, somehow all those lights ended up at Disney and what a great way to get into the spirit of the season. They cover the whole residential area of the backlot.

MK Castle the rain rain rain came down down... waiting in line on Jungle Cruise Jungle Cruise Excitement

Dad in-law on Cruise Osborne Lights Osborne Lights Osborne Lights

Osborne Lights Osborne Lights Osborne Lights

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